DVD Boxed Sets Are Great Gifts For Anyone!

More and more TV series are released onto DVD each year, making it easy to have a TV series collection of all your favorites. Everything you see on his channel is being filmed for his reality TV show. Many people who loves movies and purchase DVDs also own at least one or two TV series on DVD. One of the greatest things about TV shows having a second life on DVD is that we viewers get an opportunity to see the ones that got away. Now your DVD collection is a click away. Regardless, its nine-hour sampling of shows, again supplemented with some fascinating and funny extra material, is a true delight from start to finish, a must for all fans of great comedy.

Classic DVD Boxed Sets can make great gifts!

According to the A.V. Club , one of the best TV DVD series is “The Sopranos.” This drama ran from 1999 – 2007. The biggest TV hit of the 1980’s was “ The Cosby Show ” which debuted in 1984 and remained on television for eight seasons.  Best-selling kids and family fare included DVD and Blu-ray editions of Wreck-It Ralph, Hotel Transylvania on DVD with a digital copy from Sony Animation, Escape from Planet Earth on DVD (Anchor Bay), Monsters, Inc. This new era of DVD was ushered by Family Guy and Firefly The former was so successful on DVD that FOX finally was pressured to bring the series back from the dead. Since this is a parenting blog (sort of), my list of TV shows that are criminally absent from DVD skews toward family-friendly programming.

The Gift of Classic TV Show captioned in DvD Box Set

The X-Files was also one of the biggest TV shows to gather a huge following and put in place TV as a competitive opponent to movies. You can find all genres of movie, and an endless number of TV show seasons, all packaged together and ready for placing under the tree. Don’t forget that everyone loves to watch movies and TV shows, and DVD boxed sets can make fantastic Christmas gifts that will be used over and over again – for years to come.
Has it already been FORTY YEARS since the show that shaped my very existence made its debut on national television? But I’d argue that binge watching a brilliantly-written or entertaining show is no different from going to the movies. What do you get when you create a Simpsons-like show about a baby with adult humor and a British accent?
Maybe your teenage daughter would like this more – but it can be argued Buffy was a pioneering show of the 1990’s. This simple list shows off some of the best TV shows of the past few years that have a box set available.The show will not only entertain, it will make most viewers reach for their Shakespeare. Family Guy and Firefly are just two of the many shows that people have discovered for the first time on DVD. 
Despite that, this set is still a must-buy, if only for the hours of laughs you’re going to get out of a show that left us far too soon.
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